Wyrd Sisters

By Terry Pratchett
Adapted for the Stage by Stephen Briggs

Directed by Helen Rasmussen

In the Kingdom on Lancre, Verence, the King, has been murdered and the evil Duke and Duchess have seized power however, they may have underestimated the powers of the local witches, or “wyrd sisters” Granny, Nanny & Magrat…..

Cast List

Granny Weatherwax Dina Harris
Nanny Ogg Carey Brown
Magrat Garlick Mabel Odonkor
Lord Leonal Felmet Dedric Smith
Lady Felmet Ghislaine Davis
Fool Scott Peters
Ghost of Verence Ian McDonald
Olwyn Vitoller Paul Bonnici
Mrs Vitoller Marie Belsey
Hwel Simon Hirst
Tomjohn Nikita Eve
Sergeant of the Guard Martin Adams
Lord Chamberlain Simon Hirst
A Demon Paul Bonnici
A Peasant Martin Adams
Robbers Ruth Carden & Marie Belsey
An Actor Alfred Knightbridge
Guards / Soldiers etc.. Ruth Carden, Marie Belsey
Martin Adams, Lindsey Castle,
Debbie Schofield & Nikita Eve

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