By Paul Carpenter, Ian Gower, David Croft & Jimmy Perry

Directed by Scott Peters

Hello Campers!  Hi-de-Hi! Join Peggy, Gladys, Ted, Spike and the Yellowcoats as they try to deal with the ups and downs of life at Maplin’s Holiday Camp, in a stage adaptation of the much loved TV show. Ho-de-Ho!

Cast List

Gladys Pugh Carey Brown
Betty Whistler Dina Harris
Dawn Karen Smith
Tracy Bentwood Sandra Cooke
Peggy Ollerenshaw Helen Rasmussen
Jeffrey Fairbrother Neil Fisher
Fred Quilly Martin Adams
Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves Gill Peregrine
Barry Stuart-Hargreaves Dave Ford
Ted Bovis Chris Pond
Spike Dixon Dan Dodman
Mr Partridge Dedric Smith
Sylvia Garnsey Heather Lucas
Hillary Bovis Michelle Edgington
Bailiff Neil Davis
Mr Pritchard Ian McDonald
Radio Announcer Alfred Knightbridge
Yellowcoats Linda Adair, Carol Brunt, Clare Taylor,
Gill Britten, Ghislaine Davis, Chris Blackler,
Rita East, Tisha Greenham & Nikita Mansfield

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