An Evening of Pinter – Three One Act Plays

Night School, Party Time & Victoria Station by Harold Pinter

Directed by Neil Fisher

Directors Message:
When the Pinter night was first under discussion I wanted to find two or three pieces that would be entertaining and approachable, as well as good examples of the range of his work.

Pinter is generally recognised as a master of dialogue and observation.  For me, his observational method works because I can recognise the sorts of behaviour in people I have known (and perhaps they can in me).  Pinter’s style of humour often draws on the absurdity of everyday, trivial situations: aunts fussing around their errant nephew, arguing about where to buy cakes, worrying about how to hang the curtains or the ludicrous ironies in the tales the characters tell as they try to impress or compete for control.  When you read his scripts such scenes feel so real.

He does of course also have serious points to make; even in lighter pieces such as Night School.  In all three pieces I enjoy the fact that Pinter doesn’t seek to lecture his audience on his views.  Rather than a neat and conventional ending, he frequently leaves issues unreolved so that his audience are free to interpret what is really going on.  If you find yourself asking “what was that all about?” you are probably not alone.

Cast List

Night School

Annie Ruth Carden
Walter Scott Peters
Milly Helen Rasmussen
Sally Ghislaine Davis
Mr Solto Neil Fisher
Tully Paul Fisher
Barbara Marie Belsey
Mavis Michelle Edgington
Night Club Manager Neil Davis


Party Time

Terry Paul Fisher
Gavin Scott Peters
Dusty Ghislaine Davis
Melissa Norah Lovely
Liz Ruth Carden
Charlotte Helen Rasmussen
Fred Dedric Smith
Douglas Paul Bonnici
Waiter Neil Davis
Jimmy William Bravin


Victoria Station

McRooney Neil Davis
Controller Dave Hawkes
Driver 274 Paul Bonnici

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